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Good Hygiene Practices

This page describes actions gardeners should take to reduce exposure from moderately contaminated soils. See Managing and Treating Contaminated Soil for dealing with the soil itself. 

Practice Good Hygiene 

Practice good hygiene to reduce exposure to soil contaminants. Wash hands after gardening, especially before eating. Encourage children to do the same.

Avoid Tracking Soil in the Home

Keep gardening supplies outside and remove shoes before entering your home. Wash heavily soiled implements as needed. These actions will help limit the amount of soil tracked into the home, where it can be ingested by adults and especially children.

Provide Alternate Play Areas 

Children are exposed to soil contaminants through mouthing hands and objects and by ingesting soil. Providing alternate play areas for toddlers in the garden, such as a mulched play area or sandbox, can reduce soil exposure.