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Acid Mine DrainageEnvironment and Natural Resources 5262Soil Chemical Process and Environmental Quality  
ENR 5262 (3 semester hr) has two 1-hr lectures and a 2-hr wet/computer laboratory.
A comprehensive study of chemical processes in soil systems that impact biogeochemical cycles and environmental quality.  Modern theory of thermodynamics and kinetics of soil chemical processes.  Effect of soil and environmental chemistries of agricultural/environmental systems on risk and environmental impact.  Environmental soil chemistry topics including environmental fate of toxic substances, contaminant bioavailability, water quality, and remediation of contaminated soil.  Course included hands-on experience with modern techniques used for soil chemical investigations including USEPA geochemical speciation models used to predict chemical reactions and chemical species in soil and aqueous environments (offered every Autumn Semester).
Student sampling soil in a vacant urban lotEnvironment and Natural Resources 5279Urban Soils and Ecosystem Services: Assessment and Restoration
ENR 5279 (3 semester hrs ) has one 2-hr class and  one 3-hr lab.  A comprehensive study focused on assessment and restoration of urban soil to provide essential ecosystem services.  Urban soil laboratory provides hands-on experience with soil assessment and restoration by partnering with the City of Columbus Land Bank to sample, test, and write recommendation reports for vacant lots.

Discharge pipeEnvironment and Natural Resources 5273: Environmental Fate and Impact of Pollutants in Soil and Water
ENR 5273 (3 semester hr) has two 1.5 hr lecture classes.  (offered every Spring Semester).
An overview of pollutant sources, pollutant transport through soil and water, and environmental fate of pollutants.  Soil and environmental chemistry or organic and inorganic contaminants. Pollutant transport through human and ecosystem exposure pathways.