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Land Application and Beneficial Reuse of Byproducts


Every year millions of tons of industrial byproducts are landfilled or incinerated. Yet many of these byproducts are uncontaminated and could be utilized in other applications. Our group has worked with federal and state agencies and the private sector to characterize and recyle agricultural, industrial, and municipal byproducts. By developing new ways to reuse materials such as dredge, biosolids, spent foundry sand (SFS), flue-gas desulfurization (FDG) material, and water treatment residuals, we help industries and municipalities reduce costs, waste, and resources.

Selected Publications

Carlson et al., 2015. Application of organic amendments to restore degraded soil: effects on soil microbial properties. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 187.

Basta et al., 2016. Restoring Ecosystem Function in Degraded Urban Soil Using Biosolids, Biosolids Blend, and Compost. Journal of Environment Quality. 45:74.

A complete list of our publications is provided in the Publications page.

O-H I-O! The Buckeyes went to the Chicago to study whether biosolids and other amendments could restore soil and prairie vegetation.