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A Risk-Based Soil Health Approach to Management of Soil Lead

Nicholas T. Basta, Alyssa M. Zearley, Jeffory A. Hattey, and Douglas L. Karlen 2021 Soil remediation, soil health
Modification of an existing in vitro method to predict relative bioavailable arsenic in soils Whitacre, Shane D., Nicholas T. Basta, Brooke N.  Stevens, Valerie Hanley, Richard H.  Anderson, and Kirk G. Scheckel. 2017 Bioavailability 

Using public health data for soil Pb hazard management in Ohio.

Obrycki, John F., Darryl B. Hood, Tyler Serafini, Chris Alexander, Pam Blais, Nicholas T. Basta 2017 Soil remediation
Evaluating public and regulatory acceptance for urban soil management approaches Obrycki, John F,  Nicholas T. Basta, Robyn S. Wilson 2017 Soil remediation
Soil solution interactions may limit Pb remediation using P amendments in an urban soil Obrycki, John F, Kirk G. Scheckel, and Nicholas T. Basta 2017 Soil remediation
Management Options for Contaminated Urban Soils to Reduce Public Exposure and Maintain Soil Health Obrycki, John F., Nicholas T. Basta, Steven W. Culman 2016 Soil treatment, soil quality
Bioaccessibility tests accurately estimate bioavailability of lead to quail Beyer, Nelson, W., Nicholas T. Basta, Rufus Chaney, Paula F. P. Henry, Thomas May, David Mosby, Barnett A. Rattner, Kirk G. Scheckel, Daniel Sprague 2016 Bioavailability 
Restoring ecosystem function in degraded urban soil using biosolids, biosolids blend and compost. Basta, N.T., D.M. Busalacchi, L.S. Hundal, K. Kumar, R.P. Dick, R.P. Lanno, J. Carlson, A.E. Cox, and T.C. Granato.  2015 Soil quality
Phosphorus amendment efficacy on soil Pb depends upon bioaccessible method conditions. Obrycki, John F., Nicholas T. Basta, Kirk Scheckel, Albert Juhasz, Brooke N. Stevens, and Kristen K. Minca.  2015 Bioavailability, soil remediation

Application of Citizen Science Risk Communication Tools in a Vulnerable Urban Community

Yuqin  Jiao, Julie K.  Bower, Wansoo  Im, Nicholas  Basta, John  Obrycki, Mohammad Z.  Al-Hamdan, Allison  Wilder, Claire  Bollinger, Tongwen , Zhang, Ludie  Hatten, Jerrie  Hatten, Darryl B.  Hood 2015 Human exposure
When vacant lots become gardens: Characterizing the perceived and actual food safety concerns of urban agriculture in Ohio Kaiser, M.L., M.L. Williams, N. Basta, M. Hand, and S. Huber 2015 Urban agriculture
Bioavailability-based in situ remediation to meet future lead (Pb) standards in urban soils and gardens Heather Henry , Marisa F. Naujokas , Chammi Attanayake , Nicholas T. Basta , Zhongqi Cheng, Ganga M. Hettiarachchi , Mark Maddaloni , Christopher Schadt , and Kirk G. Scheckel 2015 Urban agriculture, soil remediation
In vitro bioaccessibility and in vivo relative bioavailability in 12 contaminated soils: Method comparison and method development Li, Jie, Kan Li, Xin-Yi Cui, N.T. Basta, Li-Ping Li, Hong-Bo Li, and L.Q. Ma 2015 Bioavailability
Application of organic amendments to restore degraded soil: effects on microbial properties Carlson, J., J. Saxena, N. Basta, L. Hundal, D. Busalacchi 2015 Soil quality
Soil heavy metal contamination in residential neighborhoods in post-industrial cities and its potential human exposure risk Sharma, Kuhuk, Nicholas T. Basta, and Parwinder S. Grewa 2014 Human exposure
Modeling spatial patterns in soil As to estimate natural baseline concentration Venteris, E.R., N.T. Basta, J.M. Bigham, and R. Rea 2014 Arsenic